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The Narimasu Network consists of the Web Sites that are related to the Tokyo American High School - Narimasu and Facilities around the Tokyo area and the Kanto Plain.

Tokyo American High School - Narimasu was located on Grant Heights in Tokyo, opened in
1948 and closed in 1971.

Visit the Sites Listed and enjoy what they have to offer, the stories, pictures, exchange of
memories, and the search and finding of Alumni from all years the school existed.

-- Narimasu - Memory Lane
        This Site has All the Senior Class Pictures, Candid pictures that will take
        you down Memory Lane, a Then and Now series showing students at graduation
        and today, Pictures of the 2 Teen Clubs and a Jukebox to listen to songs
        of the past.

-- Narimasu Alumni Association
        This is the Official Site of the Narimasu High School Alumni Association.
        It is for Members who join the Alumni Association, however there are some
        areas open to the Public such as Info on the NAA, Reunion Information and

The following sites are Personal Sites owned by Narimasu Alumni, but have some
pages relating to Narimasu and Tokyo.

-- Pehoushek's Personal Web Site   

        Joe Pehoushek has Nostalgic information from Tokyo
         He also has News items that you may not see on the News.

-- Carels Personal Web Site   

        Bob Carels has personal pages as well as pictures of Grant Heights,
         Tokyo and Teachers as well as other features.

If you have a web site with a page or few relating to Narimasu High School, send me the Name of your Site and links to the Narimasu pages and I will add them here.

The Narimasu Network Page was last updated on 26 JAN 2010