Washington Heights

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1. Dew Drop Inn,
Front View
         2. Another View

Photos 1 and 2 furnished by Don Scott, Class of 1956

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3. Front View

        4. Back Door View

        5. Inside Looking
        Toward Bandstand

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6. Bandstand Upclose

        7. Snack Bar

        8. Booths Along
        the Wall

Photos 3 and 4 furnished by Joe Pehoushek - Class of 1954,
5 thru 8 furnished by Deana Dempsey Deck - Class of 1956

All above songs have been placed here purely for
entertainment and educational purposes only,
without any commercial interest whatsoever or profit of any kind.
Its sole purpose is presenting the 'lifestyles' and 'music' of the 1950s thru 1960s.
All titles are copyrighted by their respective artists and record companies.

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