Texas holdem free Holdem free How to play Online Texas Holdem+Best Slots

How to play Online Texas Holdem+Best Slots

Online Texas Holdem: play it with fire!

Texas Holdem is very popular among players all over the world. We can see a lot of tournaments, online and offline, numbers of slots and numbers of Android poker apps.

Its popularity is understandable: Texas Holdem and its online versions are simple to understand. But this it the only beginning: as it was said once, there is one minute to learn the rules and the whole life to master it.

How to play Online Texas Holdem

Technically, Texas Holdem is played with nine or ten players (as usual). If you are playing Online Texas Holdem there is no worry: the game will help you and show up the dealer and the ones who must bet the blinds.

You must have a Dealer button to play it offline (and during online game it will be shown, too – as a symbol or picture). In fact, every player will have a Dealer button for once.

Texas Holdem: main rules

During the Online Texas Holdem all the players try to pick up the best combination of five cards (all of them are standart for poker games).

First comes “blinds”: two players left to the dealers are to make bets. The nearest one to the button makes the small blind, the person next to him makes the big blind. Then, dealer in Holdem giver two cards to every player. These cards are pocket ones, and players are to use them to make the combination.

Then comes first betting round, or preflop. First player to bet is the one sitting left to the “big blind”. He, as the all who bets after him, are to bet the big blind (call), to rise the bet, or to drop the cards and to wait for the next turn. After this first three community cards are shown (flop).

Then comes the second betting round, after all players betted (or, some can drop cards, losing the bet from the previuos turn) comes the next community card. After this comes next betting round, last card and one more betting round. In case there is more than one player at this turn, comes showdown, when all the players tries to form a 5-card combination with pocket and community cards.

Texas Holdem: a bit more about the process

There are also rules about the playing order. Here they are:

  • Betting is always proceeded clockwise;
  • Player can’t reverse his decision after he/she bet;
  • Next rounds after the blinds the betting starts form the player, who sits left to the dealer;
  • All bets are put to the pot;
  • The betting round is finished when all the players made equal bets or dropped cards;
  • If the opponent’s bet is more than player’s, the player is to call it, drop cards or bet more.

Best Online Texas Holdem slots

There are a lot of Texas Holdem Online free websites – as the game is very popular among poker players. After free training you should try Ultimate Texas Holdem Online for real money – and try your luck to win it.

The best one Texas Holdem 247 Online themed slots are Texas Holdem Fold Up, Texas Holdem Heads Up Poker and Texas Holdem Video Slot. All of them has some exceptions in rules, which you can read before you play.

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